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Learn to Meditate in a luxury destinations. 

Escape the demands of everyday life and Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of carefully selected locations around the world, where nature becomes the canvas for your personal journey towards inner peace and self-discovery.

Why learn to meditate on retreat?

  • Exclusive and Personalized Experience: Our luxury retreats are designed for those seeking a tailor-made, intimate experience. With limited spaces available, you will receive personalized attention during both group sessions and one-on-one time. Each retreat is crafted to meet your unique needs and preferences.  

  • Breath-taking Locations: From secluded mountain retreats to tranquil beachfront havens, our carefully chosen locations provide the perfect backdrop for your meditation journey. Nature becomes an integral part of the experience, offering a peaceful and rejuvenating environment for self-reflection and growth, rejuvenation and reset.

  • Wholistic Approach: Our Learn To Meditate courses are seamlessly integrated into the retreat experience. You will learn meditation, simple breathing techniques as well as advanced techniques that deepen a meditation practice. We align with the energy and spirit of the location through walks in nature, mindful activities, nourishing food and group discussions all  complementing the meditation sessions and creating a truly holistic experience.

Advanced meditator retreats

Embark on a transformative journey with our advanced meditation retreats tailored for meditators eager to delve deeper into their practice. Spanning over extended weekends or week-long durations, our retreats are held both locally and internationally, offering a serene escape from everyday life.


Centred around the advanced technique of Rounding, participants immerse themselves in a holistic experience, nourishing body and soul with wholesome, healing foods, serene nature walks, and enriching sessions on Vedic knowledge and mentorship.

Each retreat is unique as the tranquil ambiance of our retreat centres play a pivotal role in fostering profound inner exploration and growth.


Join us and journey together in embracing the transformative power of our advanced retreats.

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