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What is Vedic Meditation

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Vedic Meditation is an effortless and natural meditation technique suitable for people with busy lives. It is an eyes-closed, silent technique practiced sitting easily with back supported, twice daily for 15-20 minutes. It uses a simple and ancient way to quiet the mind and settle the physiology, leading to deep levels of rest and repair.


In Vedic Meditation we let go and experience deep relaxation in a very natural way and as this happens layers of accumulated stress begin to liberate revealing greater happiness, greater potential of the mind, and greater ability to adapt to the needs around us. Anyone can do it, even if you think your mind is very busy. This is the beauty of Vedic meditation. Its power lies in its simplicity; stress falls away naturally without you even trying, and what remains is a restored physiology and the discovery of the inner Bliss that has always been there. The real you. 

How to Learn

Learning to meditate is easy. The course is conducted over 4 x 90 min sessions over 4 consecutive days.


During these sessions you are given all the information you need to become a self sufficient meditator. In the first session you will receive your own mantra and private instruction on the fundamentals of effortlessly entering meditation. The following 3 sessions will refine your practice as you learn about the mechanics of this meditation, and how as it quiets the mind, releases stress in the body, and opens awareness, intuition and higher states of consciousness. Once you complete the course, you have a practice you can use for life.

Ongoing follow up and support is also offered as part of the course.

Courses are typically run in a group session however there is also the option of private courses if you prefer a 1:1 personalised experience.


Individuals who practise Vedic Meditation tend to find that it positively impacts all areas of their life. Some of the immediate benefits include;

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Increased happiness and optimism 

  • Relieved depression 

  • Improved productivity 

  • Improved decision making 

  • Better concentration and memory 

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Increased energy 

  • Relieves insomnia 

  • Strengthens immune system 

People also report meditation gives them a deeper sense of joy and greater connection to oneself.



Vedic Meditation is one of the oldest, most effortless and natural meditation practices.


The word “Vedic” comes from the Sanskrit word “Veda,” meaning knowledge. The Veda is a body of knowledge originating in India over 5000 years ago inspired by the principal human desire to understand human consciousness and master the laws of nature. It is the umbrella body of knowledge that gave us yoga, ayurveda and this meditation.


Vedic Meditation is the crown jewel of the Veda and has been passed on through an unbroken line of Vedic Master teachers over thousands of years, maintaining the purity of this meditation, and how it is taught, to this day. This technique was developed and designed for everyday people with busy lives, jobs and families. It has been practiced by such “householders” for thousands of years.



Deep gratitude Angela for inspiring me to embrace the practice with consistency which has enriched and saturated my life with such resonance.

Mia, Creative

Advanced Courses

For individuals who have already completed the 4 session course, advanced knowledge, advanced techniques and retreats are on offer ...

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